5 Reasons Your Insulation Might Need Changing or Improving:

1.) Insulation must be maintained. It is like anything - over the years it breaks down, becoming less effective.

2.) Every time insulation gets damp the R Value lowers by 10%. (R Value – Heat Retention Value)

3.) Insulation top up - might not have enough insulation in attic space allowing more heat loss.

4.) Ice damming or melting snow on roof surface - must be inspected to determine if insulation or ventilation are the causes. Sometimes both might be the cause.

5.) Ceiling is dripping water when the temperature outside goes up.

Proper attic insulation is another component in ensuring your home’s attic and roof system performs at its maximum potential. Heat loss and air leakage in an attic space can defeat even the best ventilation systems. It is vital for a home’s vapor barrier to be intact, and the attic adequately insulated. Arctic Air Solutions Inc. offers a variety of insulation solutions to best fit your space.

Insulation Removal:
Insulation may be removed for the following reasons:
  • Existing insulation can be contaminated by animals.
  • Insulation can be compressed from high moisture conditions, reducing its effectiveness.
  • Existing insulation is taking up space that would be better occupied by a more effective insulation.
  • Removal allows for inspection of the attic floor for sources of air leakage that require sealing.

Spray Foam Insulation:
A 2 lb. urethane spray foam may be incorporated into projects that require its unique insulating and air sealing properties.

These include:
  • Maximize R Value in spaces that have a limited depth, like cathedral ceilings and low slope attics.
  • Provide a vapour barrier in older homes.
  • Effectively air seal awkward spaces.

Blown Weathershield Cellulose:
Arctic Air Solutions Inc. chooses Weathershield Cellulose for its blown insulation requirements.

The benefits of Weathershield Cellulose include:
  • Best R Value per inch of blown insulation.
  • Time proven record of being a safe and effective product.
  • R Value stability in cold temperatures.
  • Very high recycled paper content and EcoLogo Certification.

* Good insulation within the attic space will provide many solutions. Keeping your home dry in winter and warmer, cooler in the summer and increase the longevity of your roof.

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