Helping all of Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary
and Everywhere in Between.

With over 30 years of experience in the roofing, insulation and ventilation business, Arctic Air Solutions Inc. are strong leaders in these fields.

The home office location is in Edmonton with another office in Red Deer. Arctic Air Solutions Inc. will travel throughout the Alberta area, solving all roofing, insulation and ventilation concerns and needs. Whether it be a new home, older home, a condo complex, or attic space, we can help.

If you wish to get it done right the first time, or just need insulation topped off, we are the company for you. So before you get started on your project, ask yourself if you can afford to do it twice. If the answer is no, give a call to Arctic Air Solutions Inc.

Arctic Air Solutions Inc. prides itself in being a problem solver. Jobs that other companies cannot fix, we can! Through years of solving problems we have become experts in all fields regarding the attic space, roofing and ventilation.

Want your Home to be cool in the summer? Dry during stormy weather?
Warm and condensation free during the winter months?

Arctic Air Solutions Inc. is responsible from your ceiling line to the outside of your roof, and having a roofing, insulation and ventilation company all in one means you donít need 3 different companies to solve one problem.

Here at Arctic Air Solutions Inc. we do the work ourselves, NO sub-contracting!

The only way to guarantee the work is done to the highest standards is do it ourselves! For 30 years, Arctic Air Solutions Inc. have been doing exactly that! All employees are trained by Arctic Air Solutions Inc. owners.

Making sure it is done right is the most important thing. Having experts on every job from the start of the inspection/quotation, to doing the actual work, makes this possible. Using high quality products, years of experience, and the highest training standards makes our 10 Year Workmanship Warranty worth more than the paper it is written on!

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